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Tips for finding the lowest jumbo mortgage rates:

Jumbo mortgage rates tend to vary more among lenders than loans for lower amounts. So comparison shopping is even more important for borrowers.

Compare each loan's APR (Annual Percentage Rate). The actual cost of your loan is determined by loan amount, interest rate and fees which vary by lender. Compare lenders' actual fees and closing costs. So-called No Closing Costs Loans are actually loans in which the closing costs are added to the loan amount to reduce out-of-pocket costs for the borrower or have a higher interest rate to cover the closing costs.

Jumbo mortgage Loans are loans for single family residences above Fannie Mae conforming loan limits.  Depending on where you live, "Jumbo" could mean a loan above $417,000, $625,000 or $729,000.

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Jumbo Mortgage Rates for loan amounts greater than $417,000.   417K+ in high costs areas.

Jumbo Mortgage Financing gained in popularity as the housing market began it’s major move upward.  As the values of homes began increasing at such a rapid pace home buyers wanted to buy as much of a house as they could afford, and then some. The single family home became more of an investment for those seeking to enjoy a new residence as their primary residence.  New home builders jumped on this and began building more expensive, larger homes and couldn’t keep up with the demand as people took out jumbo mortgages and jumbo loans to purchase these bigger, more expensive homes.  With homes appreciating the way they were Jumbo Mortgage loans were an excellent option to buy as much home as your could.  

In 2006 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mace implemented temporary high costs loan limits in high cost area’s designated by the congress.  These high cost loan areas allowed borrowers to eliminate true Jumbo mortgages with “super Jumbo mortgages, or “Fannie Mae High Balance Loans”.  These temporary loan limits have been eliminated in most areas but are available up to $625,000 in some areas of the country like California, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and a few other areas.  

Jumbo home mortgage loans will again regain popularity out of necessity.  Also, since home pricing has declined Jumbo Mortgages will be back in favor for those looking to buy the $2,500.000 home for $1,250,000.  Jumbo Mortgage rates are lower than ever and now is an excellent time to take out a Jumbo home loan to buy a new home, or refinance an existing Jumbo loan.  

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